Award Winning Honeywines with No Sulfites Added

1992-2019  We are Bidding Farewell

Pick Up HoneyRun Honeywine in Stores While You Can

Thank You to everyone for 27 years of terrific people and fun times!

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Info / FAQs

HoneyRun Winery is Bidding Farewell to the wine and mead community.    Now is the time to stock up and savor it. Look for HoneyRun Wine in stores - once they are sold out, it will be gone.

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 Tasting Room, Direct Sales, Donations?

   The remaining HoneyRun Honeywine is now only available in stores.  We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm throughout the years!  

 How Long Will HoneyRun Wines Age?

     Depending on how they are transported and stored, they will stay fruity for about two years.  Cooler and consistent temperatures can extend that.  If you like a tawny, aged flavor it is fine to enjoy bottles that are 4, 6, even 8 years old.  (Yes, many wines, including HoneyRun, will have a sediment or stain the bottle.  That's okay.)  If it tastes good to you, then enjoy!   

Are We Still Able To Sell The Brand? 

   Yes.  Contact us if you are interested in buying the brand with training.

honeyrun @ honeyrun com
Updated 08/15/2019

 Is HoneyRun Honeywine Gluten Free?

   Yes. The only ingredients in our wine are honey, fruit juice, yeast, and water. 

Kosher by OU:  

   HoneyRun Honeywine is supervised by the Orthodox Union (OU). Our wine is Kosher Pareve, but not Kosher for Passover. 

Sulfites: What Are They? Why Don't We Use Them? 

   Sulfites kill wild yeasts on fruit and help to keep the wine from acquiring unwanted caramel flavors, or browning (as sliced apples do).  Useful as sulfites are, many people experience headaches or strong allergic reactions to even small amounts of it in wine. 

HoneyRun Honeywines are made with extra care, not preservatives, so you can enjoy a more natural wine. 

Contact?  honeyrun @ honeyrun com


HoneyRun Winery was founded by John and Amy Hasle in 1992. From the beginning, Honey Run has made wonderful-tasting, fruit honey wine without added sulfites or preservatives.  The family business began at their home in a small canyon of the Sierra Nevada foothills near Chico, CA.  Just down the road was the historic Honey Run Covered Bridge that appears on our wine labels and corks. The winery moved to Southern Chico in 1995. 

In 2016 we made the difficult decision to retire from the wine and beverage industry.   As of August 2019, all of the available HoneyRun Honeywine is in stores until it is sold out.  We send out a huge thank you to all of the great people involved.

Contact us if you are interested in buying the brand with training.

honeyrun @ honeyrun com

Updated 08/15/2019